mVASC – New Treatment for Tissue Repair

Apr 29, 2024 | Treatments

Millions of people each year are affected by conditions resulting from non-healing of tissues. During normal healing, the body works to increase oxygen and nutrients to aid in tissue repair. However, in various tissues due to various causes, this does not occur. There are different reasons for this. The injured area may be such that it normally does not have a strong blood supply. There also may be system causes such as diabetes or hypertension and venous status, which lead to issues in blood flow. There are some conventional therapies that improve blood flow, but their effectiveness may be limited.

There are a number of off label and non-FDA approved therapies which are currently being utilized despite their “experimental” status. Some of these include autologous platelet rich plasma injections, exosomes and regenerative cell therapies. A number of clinicians and patients have reported improvement from these treatments, but clinically controlled randomized studies are lacking.

There is a new treatment which takes a different approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries. It is called mVASC a microvascular tissue graft. mVASC is a human microvascular extracellular matrix derived tissue. It has been shown to enhance the healing potential of tissues, including repair and reconstruction, by increasing local blood flow to the tissue. It is restricted to homologous use for the repair of damaged microvascular tissues. It can be used wherever microvascular deficiencies exist. It has been extensively studied in pre-clinical trials where it improved blood flow resulting in quality tissue healing.

Case studies now exist whereby mVASC was successfully utilized to increase local microvascular tissue blood flow in “synovial impaired knee pain in a total knee replacement;” knee osteoarthritis; rotator cuff injury; plantar fasciitis; and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. A healthy microvascular tissue structure is critical for the function and survival of most tissues and is essential for nutrient and oxygen delivery, as well as the removal of waste metabolites. mVASC has been used in various cases of microvascular deficiencies in painful joints, tendons and ligaments. By addressing microvascular deficiencies and increasing local blood flow, mVASC may improve healing environment around slow to heal musculoskeletal injuries which has the potential to reduce pain and lead to improved clinical outcome.

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