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Exosome Therapy

Medical researchers are continually finding new, effective ways to treat health conditions with natural remedies, and exosome therapy is one of these cutting edge treatments. At Regenerative Pain & Sports Medicine Center of NY/NJ, board-certified Todd Koppel, MD, brings the latest pain treatments to men and women in New York, New Jersey, and the nearby communities. Like Regenerative Cell therapy, exosome therapy has the ability to reduce inflammation and aid in the repair and healing of injured or degenerative tissue. Find out more about exosome therapy by calling the office or scheduling a consultation online, today.

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles, or tiny packets of molecules inside of a membrane, that are 100 times smaller than cells. They live on the outer wall of a Regenerative Cell and are filled with proteins called cytokines and contain mRNA. This mRNA makes more protein-containing vital substances needed to regenerate and repair tissue.

How do exosomes work?

Numerous studies indicate that exosomes are a key component in cell-to-cell communication. Exosomes from specific cell types and conditions exert positive, therapeutic effects on the cells they communicate within aging or injured tissue.

When Dr. Koppel injects exosomes into a targeted area of your body that needs repair, like the cartilage around your knee, the exosomes “tell” the cells in your knee to make more proteins, thus regenerating and stimulating the healing process. The signals exosomes send to damaged tissue are exactly what your body needs to repair the damage in that tissue.

What are the benefits of exosome therapy?

Exosome therapy is being used to treat a variety of health conditions. Depending on the regenerative cells the exosomes come from, specific types of exosomes can:

  • Assist with wound recovery
  • Repair injured tissue
  • Reduce infection and boost immune system
  • Promote cell renewal and differentiation (specialization)
  • Decrease inflammation

When it comes to regenerative injection therapies, including Regenerative Cell therapy, exosome therapy may have certain advantages. For example, exosomes don’t require bone marrow aspiration, like regenerative cells do. Exosomes are externally derived, so the procedure may help you avoid having regenerative cells harvested from your bone marrow to be used for injection therapy into your painful joint.

Additionally, as part of the natural aging process, the quantity and quality of your regenerative cells decrease and become less effective over time. Exosomes are more readily available and may function better than regenerative cells, in some cases. They easily cross cell barriers and adapt to an inflammatory environment, thus jumpstarting the healing process so you feel the results of reduced pain and swelling.

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