Knee Pain Specialist

Conditions Of The Knee
Knee Pain may be caused by an acute injury or can be related to chronic degeneration or tendinitis. Symptoms of knee abnormalities include pain with weight bearing, stiffness with bending, or weakness or instability with walking. Such conditions can seriously limit daily functioning.

Causes Of Knee Pain
Acute knee injuries may be due to tears of either the meniscus (cushioning structures) or (usually) the anterior cruciate ligament (supporting structure) of the joint. Chronic knee conditions may be due to tendinitis, ligament shearing, meniscal (cartilage) wear and tear and degeneration, bursitis, and other conditions, such as Patellofemoral syndrome (AKA “runner’s knee”), due to pain around the kneecap, thought to be due to mal-alignment, or Quadriceps tendon strain.

What Treatments Exist For Knee Pain?

Treatment can involve both conventional and regenerative modalities. Most patients have trialed anti-inflammatory medications, rest, and physical therapy. Regenerative therapies can aid in healing of acute injuries such as ligament and meniscus tears, and reverse chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and loss of normal cartilaginous structure within the joint.

An array of treatment options are available for our patients, depending upon the condition, which includes:


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We offer free consultations for regenerative treatments such as PRPS & Regenerative Cell Therapy

Diagnosing The Cause Of Your Knee Pain

The most important aspect of treating a knee condition determining the cause of the condition. Dr. Koppel has a great deal of experience in diagnosing and treating knee conditions. The etiology may lie internally within the joint, or externally involving the supporting ligaments. MRI and other radiological studies can be helpful in determining the cause. However, only with a comprehensive examination, and directed nerve blocks, can the problem be isolated and treated.

"Dr. Koppel was able to help resolve an over-training issue I've been dealing with for months. The doctor and his staff are welcoming and professional. I'd recommend them to anyone looking at non-surgical options for joint issues."

Trevor McKenzie

"After years of hip and leg pain, Dr. Koppel used PRP injections on both my hip and leg. The pain is now gone. Plasma rich protein is safe and effective. Dr. Koppel is an expert at getting to the root of the pain and eliminating it. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Koppel for his expertise and kindness."

Debbie Dolan

"Dr. Koppel is a very caring and compassionate Doctor. He is always available by phone for questions and concerns. The well-being of his patients is his top priority. I am feeling so much better from the treatment he did. I would highly recommend him"

Donald Leslie

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