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Everyone’s ankles take a beating, whether you are an athlete or not. There’s many potential causes for ankle pain and it is important to consult an expert to determine the cause and origin of this pain.

Ankle Pain Q & A

Different Types of Ankle Conditions 


This occurs when your tendons become swollen and inflamed. The tendon is the part of your ankle which attaches the muscle to the bone and provides movement for the ankle. Commonly, this type of injury comes from over-use. 


Arthritis is one of the most common causes of ankle pain. This results from deterioration of the cartilage between the bones within the joint. Arthritis in the ankle can be common if you have had previous injuries to the ankle joint. 

Ankle Sprains 

A sprain to the ankle is an acute injury of one or more of the various ligaments. In such injuries, bruising and swelling is common, and the pain typically gets worse with weight bearing. 


Ankle fractures may or may not require surgery, depending upon the type and severity of the injury. Many however can be treated with a non-weight bearing brace or cast. 

Diagnosing The Cause Of Your Ankle Pain 

Similar to wrist pain, in most cases the history will aid greatly in forming the diagnosis. Other than Xrays to diagnosis fractures, other modalities are usually unnecessary. Conditions can be successfully treated with both conventional interventional therapies (injection and ablation therapy) and regenerative treatments can alleviate refractory conditions of tendinopathy and ligament injuries.

Such regenerative therapies may include: 

  • Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Stem Cell Grafts

  • Prolotherapy

  • And More

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