Hip Pain


Disorders of the hip can cause referred pain into the groin, thigh and buttock, as well as the hip itself. The hip joint is the body's largest ball and socket joint, and handles a lot of stress during activity. Most hip disorders are chronic (ie osteoarthritis), and characterized by aching pain worsened with activity. However, there are also several tendon and ligament bands which play a role in painful conditions of the hip.

The Cause Of Hip Pain 

As with most joints, the cartilage associated with the hip joint is susceptible to wear and tear, which can be a source of pain. The hip joint is also covered with thick bands of tissue which keeps the joint contained and helps with movement. This is called the capsule. In addition to those, there are also tendons, ligaments and muscles in the hip joint which can all be a source of pain in that area. Because of this, diagnosing the origin and cause of the pain is a vital step in managing the pain. 

Diagnosing The Cause Of Your Hip Pain 

The hip, as the shoulder, is a complex joint. However, unlike the shoulder, most hip conditions are intra-articular, due to labral tears, osteoarthritis, bursitis, or chronic degeneration. MRI studies and directed nerve blocks can help determine if the condition is due to the hip joint, the greater trochanteric region, or the Iliotibial band, for example. 

Treatment For Hip Disorders 

If conservative treatments fail, interventional therapies can be quite beneficial in reducing hip pain disorders. Conventional therapies can include nerve blocks and radiofrequency ablation. Regenerative therapies may aid in reducing the inflammatory component within the joint capsule (Platelet Rich Plasma allographs), aid in reducing the degenerative process (Stem Cell Grafts and Exosomes) and help heal ligament and tendon injuries. 

Todd Koppel, MD is here to help with your hip pain conditions that need attention. We offer an array of treatment options for our patients, such as:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Stem Cell Grafts

  • Prolotherapy

  • And More

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