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The facets are joints which go from the base of the skull to the bottom of the spine. Pain from facet joint syndrome typically is aching in nature, but also may be sharp. The pain may start out as dull and intermittent, but over time may become more severe and constant. Symptoms of facet joint syndrome are more localized and are worse with sitting or lying (especially towards one side), and with extension. 

The Facet Joints provide the spine with both the flexibility and stability, while also maintaining support to the vertebral column. While more and more is known about this condition, it is still under-diagnosed as a cause of back pain. As with other joints, injury may be due to acute injury, degenerative conditions, or repetitive stress. When the cartilage in the joints begins to deteriorate, it causes friction between the bones which leads to swelling, stiffness and pain. The additional stress on supporting muscles leads to spasm, and on ligaments to laxity and instability. 

Diagnosing Facet Joint Syndrome 

Todd Koppel, MD has been very successful in diagnosing and treating this condition. Facet and SacroIliac joint pain have specific symptoms and physical findings, and MRI studies are rarely beneficial. The gold standard for diagnosis is utilizing "diagnostic" nerve blocks, directed to block the patient from experiencing the pain. The diagnosis is confirmed when the patient reports minimal or no pain for a time after the treatment. 

Treating Facet Joint Syndrome 

Facet and SacroIliac joint syndrome can be successfully and completely eliminated with various non surgical modalities. Both conventional and regenerative therapies can be successful, depending upon the condition. Such options include:

  • Radiofrequency Ablation

  • Endoscopic Rhizotomy

  • Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Stem Cell Therapy

  • Prolotherapy

  • Exosome Therapy

  • And More

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