Stretches to Help Relieve Neck Pain

May 13, 2022 | Conditions, Treatments

A stretch a day keeps the neck pain away

Okay, you might want to invest a little more time and effort into relieving your neck pain, but the general idea of daily stretching is a good one. After all, neck pain is
not only incredibly common, but it is also quite frustrating and sometimes debilitating.
In a world where many jobs involve looking at computers for hours a day and free time is reserved for staring downward at phones, neck pain is only becoming more common. As such, it is important to combat these modern causes of discomfort with stretches.
To kickstart your journey to a healthier, happier neck that doesn’t hold back your quality of life, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite pain-relieving stretches. We
hope they unlock the neck pain relief you seek.

Just Say Yes

The “yes stretch” is aptly named—it looks like you are emphatically nodding in agreement. As simple and silly as it may sound, this particular stretch can work
wonders for your neck pain.
To perform this stretch, lift your chin as high as you can toward the ceiling, then drop it toward your chest as far as you can. Do this a handful of times in a
controlled manner—fast, jerking movements can worsen your neck pain, no matter what stretch you are doing.

Neck Circles

A well-rounded stretch (pun intended) that may relieve your neck pain is known as “neck circles.” It, too, is easy to execute and can be performed just about
Think of your chin as a paintbrush and the world as your canvas. Use your chin to draw a circle. To really unlock the full potential of this stretch, alternate the
direction of the circle—draw some to the left and some to the right.

Neck Pulls

For this stretch, you will want to stand up with good posture. Lace your fingers behind your head with your elbows to either side. Take a deep breath, and as you
exhale, lower your chin down to your chest. Gently pull your elbows toward the floor and allow the weight to stretch your neck. Reset and perform this stretch a few
more times.
Be careful not to overexert or pull too hard, especially if your neck is tight. The last thing you want to do is overstretch or strain your neck.

Bent-Over Head Nods

Similar to the “yes stretch,” but with an added component, bent-over head nods are a fantastic progression of a basic stretch. To perform, stand up straight, then hinge at the hips and bend forward toward the ground.
Cross your arms and hold onto your elbows. Let your head hang down. Not your head (as if saying “yes”), then shake your head (as if saying “no”). Stand back up
and repeat.

Ear Drops

No, we’re not suggesting that eardrops can cure neck pain. If you have an earache, that’s a different story!
Instead, we’re talking about ear drop stretches. To try this stretch, stand up with proper posture. With your arms behind your back, rest your hands on the small of
your back and interlace your fingers. Gently drop your right ear toward your right shoulder. Take a few deep breaths, reset, and repeat on the left side.

Get Advice from Your Doctor

For personalized stretching advice to alleviate your neck pain and address the underlying issues that may be contributing to your discomfort, be sure to reach out
to your doctor. They can guide you to the best stretches for your unique situation, make sure you aren’t overexerting yourself (especially initially), and otherwise
assist you in reaching the best possible health outcomes.
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